So here we go then!



So this is it then! My first attempt at a blog ever. Boy this has taken some time to get to here. I had the idea back in March 2015. I came up with the idea, chose the name (after a lengthy research phase narrowing it down from hundreds to a select few and then the final version). I designed and refined the logo, chose colours, fonts and got my business cards and letterheads printed. I had a rubber stamp made and registered a domain name with a .com (just in case!)….

… And then nothing… I had great ideas of what I could do and say and I got really excited and enthusiastic and then I stalled and the idea faded….

… But the idea never went away and the smouldering kindles of my idea would never die out and over the months my enthusiasm would rise and fall like a summers tide….

… And still I did nothing.

I don’t know why I just didn’t get on with it. Well I sort of do. I was full of procrastination. There was always something that had to be done or researched or a new book on business or marketing that I needed to read first. Did I just want to blog about my passion or set up an e-commerce site (which one to choose) to sell the goods I wanted to make and create. I wanted to do everything and yet I did nothing. I must say I was overwhelmed by choice. Sometimes when you have limited choice it makes making a decision so much easier!

I was overthinking and not actually doing anything. I needed to do something, anything. I need to take that first step forward. I mean how hard can it be right, just do it as some famous company once said! Everyone else seams to be doing it so why can’t I. Ah hold on, let me just do a little bit more research before I do anything. Oh that blog looks great, I like the way they do that, oh hold on, that’s cool, now should I go blog or e-commerce….

… Days, weeks, months and years go by and still – NOTHING.

Paralysis of analysis has a tight grip on me. Inertia has set in and unless I do something, absolutely nothing is what is going to happen.

So here we are January 2017. A new month and the start to a new year. I’m fed up of myself  and have for whatever reason decided to bloody well get on and do it. I still don’t know if I want a blog or an e-commerce site and am not quite sure what I am doing. But that kindle is still smouldering away ready to ignite and I am ever so slowly blowing fresh oxygen over the top of it. I’ll figure it out as I go but for now I can celebrate my first victory, a small step on a long exciting journey wherever that may take me.

I have taken my first steps, and I’m heading form zero to one. I’ve had enough of just thinking about it – I’m actually doing it and it’s time to take that leap of faith!


Taking a leap of faith! This was me 6,500 feet up paragliding over Babadag Mountain near Ölüdeniz beach, Turkey.
I’ll just figure it out on the way down!!!

Finally I came across this quote by Hugh Laurie which completely sums up what I have been alluding to in the text above and absolutely nails it for me – I’m ready now!

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”

Hugh Laurie



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