Watch out for Flying haggis and cabers!

The 2017 Harpenden Highland Gathering

A stop motion of one of the strong men competing in the Weight throw.

It was a spectacular day for this years Highland Gathering in Harpenden. The sun was out and it was hot, really hot! All those that were wearing kilts must have been feeling the heat in more ways that one. As usual the Harpen Lions Club put on a spectacular show.

The Dog and Duck Display is always fun to watch and thoroughly entertaining. The events I really wanted to see though were the Strong Man competitions. There was the traditional Stone Putt, the Weight Throw, Weight over the Bar, the Caber Toss and lets not forget the all time favourite – Haggiss Toss! These events are all brilliant spectator sports and great fun to watch.

The Shortbread Shed-Highland Gathering-2-2Get a grip!


The Shortbread Shed-Highland Gathering 2-Up and over on the Weight throw.

The Massed Piped Bands were fabulous to watch and listen to and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with Scottish pride! On the subject of music and entertainment I came across the Wight Hot Pipes on the main stage later in the afternoon. Bagpipes with attitude they describe themselves and a fitting description at that. They were brilliant, a unique blend of traditional and modern music with a Celtic twist of bagpipe rock! They were just as much visually entertaining as their musical was and I would love to see them in action again.

The Shortbread Shed-Highland Gathering--4The magnificent Wight Hot Pipes in action on the main stage.

This was a perfect photo opportunity with loads of material and subjects to photograph at close range. I brought my Canon 7D with 75-300mm lens to capture most of the sporting action. I used my Sony RX 100 IV small compact camera to take stop motion, video and some wide angle shots.

The Shortbread Shed-Highland Gathering--5Maximum effort from one of the Strong Men competing in the Caber Toss.


The Shortbread Shed-Highland Gathering--2One of the ladies working out on the drums.
The Shortbread Shed-Highland Gathering-Now that’s what you call a moustache and boy can he pull it off with style.


The Shortbread Shed-Highland Gathering-2Mind your heads, inbound caber coming this way!

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