British Life Photography Awards

Back in September this year I entered and submitted some pictures into the British Life Photography Awards (BLPA) competition.

I was delighted to receive word back that two of my entries had made it as far as the Shortlist under the Urban Life picture category.

The British Life Photography Awards is a showcase of contemporary and imaginative images that capture the essence and spirit of British life.

Urban Life category description:

Illustrating the urban landscape, cities and towns at work. Architecture and the built environment as an integral part of urban society, conveying mood, atmosphere and history. Including events, festivals, the conflict of the old and new, customs and culture.

The two images below were the ones that made it through to the Shortlist. The first picture is of the Brownlee Brothers at the Columbia Threadneedle World Triathlon, Leeds. The picture was taken at the second transition /finish area where they were both battling for first and second place on the cycle section of the course. I wanted to show the speed and movement and the steely dynamics of the two fighting it out on the course.

For this movement technique I used a slow shutter speed in aperture priority mode, set to between f11-f22, ISO100. I panned the camera and followed them with the camera as they came past to help exaggerate the sense of movement and speed. I had the camera set to continuous bust mode knowing that I would probably only get one decent shot in every 10.

Shortbread Shed-Brownlee Brothers cycling

The magnificent Brownlee Brothers battling it out for first and second position through the second transition zone at the Columbia Threadneedle World Triathlon, Leeds.  



The second picture above which was also shortlisted under the Urban Life picture category was taken at the St Albans Jingle Bell Jog and Reindeer Run.

So for the second Shortlisted entry I took a selfie using my GoPro Hero4 while taking part in  The St Albans Jingle Bell Jog and Reindeer Run. I was taking part in the annual charity fun run and wanted to take a few pictures on the way and thought the GoPro with it’s wide angle lens would be perfect for capturing the odd Santa or two on the course.

Nothing too technical here. I just set the camera to continuous mode, taking an image every half a second or so and I just moved moved it around so I could cover a variety of angles and just see what happens afterwards. As with the technique above, I wasn’t expecting many keepers and I wasn’t wrong! I was having fun taking the pictures and out of the hundreds I took I managed to get just a few keepers that helped to capture such a great and fun event.


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