Moving still. The intriguing world of Plotagraphs and Cinemagraphs!

Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with two exciting pieces of software I’ve come across.

Plotagraph Pro and Cinemagraph Pro allow you to create striking eye-catching and surreal images from a single image or from a small section of video footage.

Plotagraphs are created from a single photograph. By using Plotagrapg Pro software to mask and select certain areas of the image you want to animate you can create the illusion of movement in certain areas while the other areas remain frozen. This resulting effect gives a striking and surreal sense of movement to an otherwise ‘still’ photograph.

Cinemagraphs are created using a small section of recorded video. An area of the video is frozen while a portion of the video is left as normal allowing subtle alluring repeated movement.

Both Plotagraphs and Cinemagraphs allow you to create subtle curious otherworldly experience for the viewer. It’s great fun to experiment with and to see what intriguing images can be produced with the software.

I have attached a few of my creations which were produced using Plotagraph Pro and Cinemagraph Pro. This year I really want to create many more and see what I can come up with!

Three examples of  Plotagraphs.


Two examples of Cinemagraphs.


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