Prosecco Boggio Daaaalings at the SWPP!

I recently attended the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) annual convention in London. It was a cracking day out and I had a fun filled informative day.


Glyn Dewis

I managed to catch Glynn Dewis and Tigz Rice on The Flash Centre stage. I have seen Glynn a number of times now and he never fails to deliver. He’s a great presenter on stage and demonstrated some very useful lighting techniques which he has become renowned for such as his Rembrandt and the Invisible Black Background lighting techniques.

I have followed Glynn Dewis on social media now for a number of years and he has always had  something useful to share with his audience. Ranging from photoshop, photography, and lighting techniques to finding your own creative style, there is something for everyone!



Tigz Rice

Tigz Rice was also presenting on The Flash Centre stage. I first came across Tigz at one of the Adobe conferences in London where she was helping to host the event. Tigz has gained a photographic and lighting style reputation for her tastefully flattering and elegant boudoir images.



Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor a photographer and educator I recently discovered online. A Hasselblad ambassador, Karl was giving live demos throughout the day on the Hasselblad stand. He was demonstrating lighting techniques with male and female models while using the amazing Hasselblad camera.



Julia Boggio

To Die For, Daaaaaling: How to Sell Luxury by Julia Boggio

Finally, I sat in a Master Class given by Julia Boggio of Boggio Studios entitled To Die For, Daaaaaling: How to Sell Luxury. Julia has been recognised as one of the premier family portrait photographers in the UK for many years, with clients including celebrities, royalty, and billionaires!

In her presentation she talked about her journey as a photographer, building up the business, the Boggio brand and going after the high end luxurious market she was aiming for. She described strategies for marketing, gaining new clients to pricing and networking. She certainly got my attention while I entered the room as she immediately offered me (and everyone else to that matter) a cup of Prosecco from the six bottles she brought with her! Now that’s what you call customer service and a fantastic presentation.

So that was the SWPP London Convention 2018. Just like last year I’m already looking forward to next years event.



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