Shortlisted for the British Life Photography Awards 2018 (BLPA)

An artist in residence. Lewis Hazelwood-Horner. BLPA shortlisted for my submission image ‘An artist in Residence’ under the portraiture category.

It’s the second year in a row now that one of my pictures has been shortlisted for the British Life Photography Awards (BLPA). The picture I submitted was of the painter, Lewis Hazelwood-Horner (RBA and Threadneedle Prize winner) taken at his studio.

It was a privilege to spend half a day photographing him in his home studio, north of London. It was fascinating to watch him work on one of his paintings. He is well known for his painting technique of building up layer upon layer of thick oil paint. This style gives his canvases and subject matter a real texture and characterful look about them.

I was amazed at just how quickly he applied the paint and how much he could create in such a small amount of time.

Although I took this picture in March 2017, It was only recently when I was going through my images on my computer that I came across it again. This was at the same time the BLPA 2018 submission for entries was announced. I thought maybe I could submit this picture and see what happens!