The Story

I’m Michael Dick, a graphic designer, photographer, creative and the passionate founder of the creative hub, that is the small but perfectly formed, The Shortbread Shed.

I’ve been a graphic designer for over 27 years, a photographer for over 15 years and a creative thinker all my life. Ever since secondary school all I ever wanted to do was be a creative individual. My granddad was a photographer, my dad, along with three of his brothers were also photographers. My Grandma went to the Glasgow School of Art and was an accomplished painter and illustrator, so I guess that creativity has flowed down the blood line to me!

The name

The name, The Shortbread Shed, came about after a lengthy search for something unique and a bit different to call this creative operation. It was a nod to my Scottishness and my desire to create distinctive and original Scottish designs. However, not to limit myself, over time I have expanded the borders of my creativity to involve so much more. As for the shed! Yes I do have a shed at the bottom of the garden and I love it. It’s full of design and photography books and it’s my creative hub where all the magic happens!

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  1. I would like to say a big thank you for my Jar of Awesomeness. I am on a Personal Journey of Recovery and needed something to mark my milestones and this is just perfect. Will be reccomending to friends. Mike you are a true gentleman and its been a pleasure dealing with you, I wish you and your business every success in the future.


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