Motion on the pitch

My father in law recently got us tickets to watch a football game at Stevenage Football Club. Not only did he get us tickets he also made it possible for my son to be one of the mascots for the game between Stevenage and Notts County. I haven’t been to a football match in literally decades (I’m not a really a big fan of the game). However I was genuinly looking forward to watching the game, seeing my son walk onto the pitch with the team and to take some pictures of the match.

It was a thoroughly entertaining and exciting game with Stevenage winning 3-0. Needless to say that my son had a fantastic experience meeting all the team, going into the changing room to say hello to the players, receiving a signed programme and ball before walking out onto the pitch with the team for the start and shaking everyones hands. He even had a kick around on the pitch before the first half and then again at half time – all pretty special for a wee boy!

So I took the opportunity to do something a little more creative when photographing the game. I wanted to capture the pace, the movement and the excitement of the action. I took the usual fast shutter speed, freeze frame action shots that you see in the magazines and newspapers and was really happy with the results. However I wanted to be more creative and artistic. I didn’t want to just freeze the action, I wanted to show the movement of the action.

All the shots here are hand held using my trusty Canon 7D with a 70-300mm lens. The focal length was mostly around the 300mm mark, 100 ISO, the camera was set to aperture priority mode and I mostly used an f-stop between f16-f40, shutter speed between one second and a tenth of a second. I was using the panning technique and set the camera to high speed continuous shooting mode while taking the pictures. I’m really pleased with the results and hope you like them to.

The Shortbread Shed-football motionblur9


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