Bam, Boom, Bang!

No, it’s not an early 1960s Batman and Robin TV series spin off. It’s the dynamic trio of another rather splendid batch of home-brew created in readiness for 5th November and Bonfire night!

For this bevvy, I wanted to create a comforting, autumnal, slow drinking, dark and heavy kind of a beer. A celebration of the onset of winter and the dark and cold drawing in of the nights!

I went for a dark chocolaty infused stout! A hearty beast, for the season we find ourselves in.

That was the beer sorted, now all I had to do was come up with a name and create the label.

With 5th November fast approaching there could only be one theme appropriate to use – Bonfire night.

Taking some influence from last years creation where I’d designed a rocket inspired label, I thought I could utilise some of the colourful tissue paper left over as part of the this years overall theme.

Instead of just one design, I thought I could do three, and so came up with the catchy titles of Bam, Boom and Bang. Some classic firework descriptive words, and for each, I came up with an individual logo with a creative nod to the iconic 1960s Batman and Robin speech bubbles.

To go along with the labels, I chose the most vibrant tissue papers I had to wrap the beer bottles. To keep the tissue paper in place and prevent it from unravelling I created a large enough label to wrap around the fold to keep it secure.

This was really starting to look good! Now all I had to do was apply the finishing touches to really make it look like one of those brightly coloured fireworks you find in the shops. It needed a fuse, so I cut some string, doubled it up and then wrapped it around the neck of the bottle. I then cut some Gaffers tape and wrapped it around the bottom of the string to create the illusion of a fuse.

And there you have it, my fireworks inspired beer bottle label for 2020. Now all I have to do, is light the fuse, stand back and enjoy the explosive beer!

Happy 5th November!

Below is the artwork for the three beer bottle labels, Bam, Boom and Bang.

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