Lockdown lunchtime doodles No.002

So carrying on with the theme of Lockdown lunchtime doodles, this is my second attempt.

This time I’ve thrown in some different coloured pens to ad some depth and interest to the drawing. I’ve also changed how I record the time-lapse and the camera I use for a steadier and cleaner end result.

Origionally I used a GoPro Hero 8 with a head strap which proved to be a bit shakey in the end result. I captured the individual images using the following settings:
Resolution: Hi-res Jpg 4000×3000 pxls
Interval: One image every two seconds
ISO: 440
Exposure: 1/240sec
Aperture: f2.8
Number of frames: 856

In the time-lapse below I used a Sony RX100 M6, mounted on a tripod with a boom arm. The individual images were taken using the following settings:
Resolution: Raw 5472×3648 pxls
Interval: One image every three and a half seconds
ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/20sec
Aperture: f4
Number of Frames: 637

All the images were then taken into Apple iMovie where I combined all the individual images together and then exported it as a hi-res movie. I then took the movie back into iMovie to add the caption at the beginning and to speed the movie up by about 800%. The duration of the movie went from about three minutes to just under 30 seconds in length. I then exported the movie so it would be suitable for use on social media.

I’m looking forward to my next creative Lockdown lunchtime doodle and see how I can improve further.

Time-lapse of doodle No. 002 – The Downs.

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