Capturing the Karate Kid’s movement

Some camera creativity going on in the household over the past couple of weeks!

I wanted to experiment with slow shutter speed combined with flash to really help capture the hidden movement in a subject.

I roped in my son as my muse. He managed to be a good model for about the first five minutes, then all concentration and focus was lost. However, out of the many shots I managed to take, I thought this worked out pretty well!

What’s that phrase – never work with animals or children, especially your own!

Below are a couple of stills I thought were pretty good to work with. After some post processing I’m pretty happy with the end result.

Camera settings
ISO: 250
Sutter: 2 seconds
Flash settings
On-camera, Speed Light, flash used (head, pointed towards subject)
Zoom set to full
1/32 -0.7 power
Rear sync/second curtain

Finished and post processed image
Another finished and post processed image with a different colour grading applied
Our lockdown, makeshift studio area.
A video I made demonstrating the slow movement captured during the shoot.

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