Vaccine beer

Although todays date is the 1st of April, no it’s not an April fools prank, this is my latest home-brew and I’ve chosen the name Vaccine to christen my latest batch.

In celebration of the fact that I recently received my first Covid-19 vaccine I thought it only appropriate I toast this monumental of occasions with a timely home-brew!

There could really only be one name to christen the new beer – Vaccine!

Once I had the home-brew brewing and I had the name for my latest beer incarnation I set to work on creating the branding, logo and label for the bottle. I worked up numerous ideas before settling on the design you see here.

I decided upon Mr Alex as the font for all the typography, using three weights: Light, Regular and Bold. The condensed font was a clean and elegant display sans-serif with rounded corners adding to the clinical look I was after. As part of the logo, I swapped out the ‘I’ in Vaccine and replaced it with an illustration of a syringe. As the vaccine is administered using a syringe I wanted to incorporate that element into the design somehow and thought this would be a perfect place.

Down the sides of the label, I placed numbers to represent the ml units you would find running down the side of a syringe showing the dosage to be given.

Red and black were my chosen colours for the label representing typical pharmaceutical colours.

I borrowed and incorporated a couple of words, ‘dose’ and ‘batch’ from the vaccine card given to me after I had my first injection into the design to make it feel more of a medicine label.

Finally to the label and the shape I ended up with. I deliberated over the size and shape for quite some time and then settled on a rectangular shape with round edges (the photographs shown here don’t have the round edges as these were taken before I tweaked the design. The artwork at the bottom of the article shows what the rounded edges look like).

Pretty much all, prescriptions picked up from a pharmacy will have a rectangular-shaped white label and rounded edges. The label is most often printed off and then applied by hand and I wanted to replicate this human hands-on approach by applying the labels to the bottle at a jaunty angle.

Below is the finished label artwork design ready for printing.

Below is the artwork for the bottle top label in the shape of a plaster. The ‘V’ represents the letter ‘V’ for Vaccine, or maybe it’s ‘V’ for Victory in the hope that it’s the start in stopping this global pandemic!

I thought the idea of using a plaster for the bottle top seal might work well! A plaster on your arm after an injection is usually part of the deal when getting this type of medicine. I thought it might just finish off the design and the look I was after.

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