Panto portraits part deux – Oh no it isn't, oh yes it is!

It was that time of year again back in January when I had the opportunity to photograph some of the cast from this years KiDS (Killigrew Drama Society) pantomime performance of Aladdin, held at the Abbey Theatre, St Albans.

Linda Merriman – Genie of the Lamp

Theres so much work that goes into putting on a performance like this by these keen, enthusiastic amateurs. Rehearsals start in September, two nights a week and then ramps up over the festive period until the actual live performances in January. Four months work for three live performances is quite a commitment.

The costumes always look fantastic and once fully dressed to impress, the actors and actresses really bring the character to life.

Dan Hawkins (Wan Hung Lo)
Ketlin Atkinson (Wing Wong)
Rob Kirk (Abanazer)
Beth Hartless (Slave of the Ring 1)
Nina Smith (Slave of the Ring 2) and Beth Hartless (Slave of the Ring 1)

I’m looking forward to photographing next years performance whatever that may be. On no I’m not, oh yes I am, oh stop it now!

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