Wrappers Delight

A delightful book came-a-tumbling through my letterbox today!

A rather hefty hardback beast, Wrappers Delight, from the author, Jonny Trunk and a graphic design and publishing company, Fuel.

With the help of over 700 backers on Kickstarter (me being one of them), they managed to raise over £32,000 of the original £20,000 target, and that in only 36 hours!

This is an amazing visual sweet-tastic graphical book assault on your taste buds. Chock-a-block-a, full of sweetshop memories of yesteryears!

A huge curated picture book archiving some incredible graphics and packaging of kids sweets, crisps, ice cream and drinks cans produced in the 60s, 70s and 80s. My favourite and I can still remember buying them in the sweet shop are the chocolate cigarettes – anything to look cool back in the day, my how times have changed!

Below is an extract from the Kickstarter campaign they set up to help create the book.

“There is a house in Stockport, Manchester. It belonged to a Mr John Townsend. He collected things, lots of things, all his life. So passionate was his desire to collect that he just couldn’t stop.

When he died in 2015 he left his house, the attic, the garage, the summerhouse and the caravan outside overflowing with boxes – a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

By a strange quirk of fate, Jonny Trunk visited the house in 2016 and with the help of Mr Townsend’s sons, he started the marathon task of looking through the boxes.

What he found was extraordinary and unlike anything he’d seen before: piles of carefully accumulated ephemera – wrappers, packets, cards, cans – all sorts of trash and treasure from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Wrappers Delight was conceived as the perfect way to document this most amazing, important collection, and to celebrate the life of Mr John Townsend”.

… “A nostalgia trip through the sweet wrappers of our childhoods: a massive, magical blast from our pasts – all in one beautiful graphic book:

It’s a fabulous coffee table book and an incredible graphical visual reference bible to what we were snacking on back in the day. Just don’t count the calories!

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