Feck Perfuction!

One of my favourite Quotes from James Victore

Feck Perfuction

“I’m a closet perfectionist— an all or nothing at all kinda guy. But, I live in a half painted house. My studio is a construction site. My wife insists that she is NOT the maid. My 17 month old son seems to not speak English (or at least he chooses not to understand it). I don’t feel like I have enough time for my work and there just never seems to be enough elbow room or do-re-mi.

Those things could drive me crazy. But they don’t. I understand that my desire for ‘perfect’ is a trap. It’s a way to keep me from loving what is ‘now’ and real— and in it’s own way… perfect.

The idea ‘Feck Perfuction’ is not about lazy skills or settling for less than great, it’s about finding (sometimes creative) ways to accept your life as it is, not as you wish it were. Aspire, of course! Plan, study and improve, YES! But, accept as well.

Feck Perfuction is accepting that most of the time ‘perfect’ just doesn’t matter.

James Victore

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