Big noses, large foreheads, wrinkled faces and The Invisible Black Backdrop

I recently attended the The Societies of Photographers Convention and Trade show at the Hilton London Metropole.

It was a great day out for learning and seeing lots of cool products and new camera gear on offer.

I attended one of the many great Masterclasses on offer. Lindsay Adler ran one of the Masterclasses titled ‘How to Flatter Anyone!’.

It was a really popular jam packed session, with people arriving late having to stand along the back wall of the room.

Lindsay was a charismatic and dynamic presenter getting through an enormous amount of useful, practical and most importantly actionable advice that I will certainly be putting into practice for my next portrait sessions. She kept the pace up for two hours but to be honest, it really only felt like one hour if that, in an enjoyable and entertaining fashion.

She covered everything on how to photograph and flatter your subjects to help minimise such aspects as pronounced noses, large foreheads, a fuller figure to a slender build, double chins, wrinkles… hang on a minute, that sound a bit like me!

Lindsay also explained how choosing the correct lens, focal length, angle and lighting can all help to make a massive difference to minimising ‘challenging’ features and helping your subject look their very best.

I’m really glad I attended this class, got to see Lindsay and came away with a notebook full of ideas to try out.

Lindsay has a great website showcasing her work and a myriad of great tutorials to help improve your photography check her out at:


Lindsay saying a few words to her enthusiastic audience after her presentation on ‘How to Flatter Anyone!’.



Meeting Glyn Dewis at The Flash Centre stage.
I’m the one in the red jacket receiving a Vulcan like style grip on the shoulder from Glyn! And if I’m not mistaken we both have the shiny head, fuzzy face, good looks gene running through our blood!

I managed to catch another great presenter, Glyn Dewis on The Flash Centre stage giving live lighting demonstrations. He was presenting a brilliant technique he has mastered and dubbed The Invisible Black Backdrop! Basically the technique involves using a flash in a bright ambient environment (inside with bright lights or outside with lots of natural light) to create a black background without having a physical black backdrop behind the subject. Impossible I hear you say. Well, let me tell you, it’s actually a very simple straight forward technique involved and once you see it you won’t believe just how simple, yet incredibly effective it is. Glyn took us through his steps, how to set up the camera, lens and flash and within a few short minutes, a couple of test shots he had it nailed! It was a great demonstration and a technique I will certainly be trying out in the future.


Glyn demonstrating The Invisible Black Black Backdrop.

Glyn is a photographer, educator and author and has a wealth of knowledge, information, tips, tricks and amazing video tutorials on his website and YouTube channel. I’m a regular visitor to his sites and have gained a considerable amount of information from the many photography and Photoshop techniques he has to offer. Why not check him out at the following sites:

The Invisible Black Backdrop



So in-between catching these two great presentations I walked the floors of the trade show. Thankfully my credit card was out of sight as there was a huge amount of toys (camera and lighting gear) I would have loved to have bought. Along with the hardware there were lots of booths catering for wedding and portrait photographers. Showcasing some beautiful albums made in all shapes, sizes and materials to images printed on metal. There was something for everyone and then some. I came away with a fair few number of ideas I would like to try out this year and am really excited to see what projects they will best lend themselves to.

All in all a great day out and next years show is already on the calendar.

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