Spring has Sprung… again!

It’s that time of year again when the days are getting longer, the temperature is getting warmer (just), the blossom is blossoming, the bulbs are a bulging and the sun is…. sort of shining!

This also means some great news for some home-brew activities back at base. My winter brew has run out so it’s about time I got cracking with a spring brew!

I remembered back in the Spring of 2017 I had made a home-brew and created a design for beer bottle labels. I seemed to remember I really liked the design and colours I had used.

The 2020 updated beer label artwork ready to be placed on the bottles.

I looked back into my artwork archives and found the original artwork for the Spring Has Sprung beer bottle label. I still really liked it! Using the principle of following the path of the least resistance, I thought I would just go ahead and reuse the artwork and just change the date on the label.

Now all I have to do is brew the beer, bottle, label and then wait for the magic to happen before being able to sample all my hard work!

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