5 things that got me Gingered up this July

Apart from all this global doom and gloom over recent months, there’s still plenty of creativity going on in the world which is a good thing!

So, five things that go me ‘gingered up’ and grabbed my attention in the recent lockdown are as follows: 

No.1 / Gravgrip
A stabilizer for smartphones and action cameras

GravGrip is an affordable, battery-free, hydronic-based, pocket-sized, waterproof stabilizer for smartphones and action cameras. This looks super cool and was recently launched on Kickstarter.com. They have smashed the initial goal of $20,000 in the first few days and are now way up into an incredible $645,750 pledged with still three days to go!

No.2 / Paper Republic
Personalised leather journals

These journals are vegetable-tanned, full-grain vaccheta leather made by family-run Italian tanneries. Paper Republic design, craft, prepare,  personalise and ship all their products from Vienna. The paper notebooks are made frim acid-free, wood-free FSC-certified 80gsm natural paper with a cream colour and a soft touch finish.

I went for the Grand Voyager (Pocket) Cognac leather Journal with additional card and cash holder, zip pocket, plain and dotted notebook, extra ribbons, oh and a useful pen holder to boot! To finish it off, and to add that little extra detail, I had it embossed with my initials (FOC).

It looks, smells and feels amazing. The packaging the journal arrives in, is beautifully thought out, as is the personal hand written thank you note accompanying the notebooks.

No.3 / Toon Artist
Photoshop action

Designed exclusively for Adobe Create by Nuwan Panditha (also known as BlackNull) this free Photoshop action is easy to install and run. It turns your portrait photographs or any other photograph you have into a cartoon-style illustration.  Download the free action here

No.4 / Analog
Productivity System

One of the designers and creative companies I’ve followed for some time now is Jeff Sheldon, founder of Ugmonk. The company is a lifestyle brand focused on producing high-quality products with a minimal aesthetic. It started as a small side hustle and is now a small global entity.

Jeff has just launched a new product on Kickstarter called Analog. It’s a good old fashioned updated, hands-on, touchy-feely, kind of a smart post-it productivity system that looks super cool.

There’s nothing complicated about the system and that’s the brilliance and it’s simplicity. It looks like something I will actually use on a day to day basis and not get frustrated or bored with it within a short period of time. I’ve put in my order and look forward to trying it out and seeing if my productivity improves. Wish me luck!

No.5 / 1924us
Drawing tutorial

1924us have brought out a drawing tutorial ‘How to Draw’, showcasing the founder, Christian Watson’s drawing process. Christian starts out by explaining how he was taught drawing and where he finds his inspiration. He goes through the paper, pens, pencils and all the many tools he uses to create his drawings. 

It’s filmed in the 1924us studio in Australia with Christian at his iconic drawing desk amongst the atmospheric work environment, The video workshop covers how Christain learned to draw, how he carries out his ideas, where he gets ideas from, how he sketching, to inking, gear, process, the length of time it can take him on a project, finding inspiration, motivation and working through the drawing process.

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