5 things that got me gingered up this September 2020

So, looks like things are starting to hot up again out there. Lockdown looms once again, the second wave is almost upon us, and winter is coming! If this isn’t enough to make you get creative then nothing will. 

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay creative. 

No.1 / Crazy Donkey!
Local Santorini beer

I discovered this beer while on holiday on the island of Santorini, Greece. I was drawn to the beer first by its stylistic graphic illustration of a donkey as part of its logo. I then discovered it was produced on the island within a small brewery, Santorini Brewing Company. They produce a variety of beers such as Yellow Donkey, Red Donkey, White Donkey, Crazy Donkey, Slow Donkey and of course, last but not least, a Lazy Ass! I loved the simplicity of the logo, and of course I sampled pretty much all the beers as part of my research. Great beers, great logo, great branding and great beer! 

No.2 / Christoforos Asimis
Santorini artist

So I came across Christoforos Asimis’s work while on Santorini Island. A couple of his incredible oil paintings were hanging up in our hotel’s reception. I remember thinking to myself at the time how beautiful they were. There was something about them that really caught my attention. They were peaceful and calming. Lots of blues, whites and cast shadows from the many packed buildings along the narrow streets on the islands. I started to notice more and more of his paintings adorning the walls of restaurants, shops, hotels and galleries on the island. 

Christoforos Asimis is internationally acclaimed as “the painter of Santorini”. He was born and raised on Santorini and only paints the landscape of the scenery around the island. I bought one of his limited edition prints, which will shortly be displayed on one of my walls at home and act as a fond reminder of the time I spent on the island.

No.3 / Russell Ayto 
Childrens picture book author and illustrator new book

Ah, one of my favourite children’s picture book illustrators has a new book out called Mouse in the House. This time, not only has he illustrated the book, but he’s also written the story! I really love his simplistic and characterful style of illustrations, the bold colour and use of shapes and grid patterns as backgrounds.

No.4 / Frames magazine
A new print photography magazine

In this all-consuming digital age, someone has dared to put the handbrake on and go all hardcopy! Made with some lovingly sources tactile paper and real ink you can smell. A new printed, touchy-feely, hold it in your hand photography magazine has just been published. Frames will be printed quarterly with each issue containing 110 pages, printed on the highest quality 140g uncoated paper. Each issue will feature both established and emerging photographers from different genres.

No.5 / GoPro Hero9
Is this the best GoPro ever?

What’s not to like about the new GoPro Hero9. Christmas is on the horizon, I know what’s going to be at the top of my list!

✔ 23.6MP Sensor
✔ 5K Video
✔ 20MP Photo
✔ 30% Longer Battery Life
✔ Front-Facing Display
✔ Removable Lens
✔ HyperSmooth 3.0️
✔ TimeWarp 3.0
✔ Webcam Mode
✔ In-Camera Horizon Leveling
✔ Mod Ready
✔ Waterproof + Rugged

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