Five things that got me gingered up this April ’21

So the kids are back at school, lockdown is easing, shops are open and you can go back to the pub for a pint (if they have an outdoors area of course). We had 22 degrees of unsuppressed sunshine and blue skies last month (albeit just for one day, before the temperature plummeted and we were thrown back to the ice age again). April has never felt so good. Do I smell optimism, hope, and a sprinkle of positivity in the Spring air?

With optimism abound, below are this month’s curated selection of Gingerness personified.

No.1 / Creative Vintage Regular
A modern serif font with a huge variety of lovely ligatures and interlocking pairs.

Blessed Print are behind this beautiful font. I’m really looking forward to using Creative Vintage in a couple of projects I have coming up. Check out their instagram for more styles.

No2. / Roadliners
A short film about the incredible talent of typographical road signage!

Roadliners is a short film about the unsung craft and skill of these calligraphers of the road.

Created by O Street and filmed by Pretend Lovers they documented this fascinating and mesmerising job. Let’s face it, we all walk or drive over these road signs on a daily basis and never give it a thought as to how they got there!

The main star of the show is Thomas Lilley, who with 18 years experience has perfected his skill at drawing a single typeface freehand. His mastery over his craft really shows as he works with the 220 degrees molten-hot thermoplastic with confident assured strokes only a sensei can demonstrate. Click links for more insta love for O Street and Pretend Lovers

No.3 / Creyety
The self proclaimed parallax wizard!

Unfortunately the above logo doesn’t do justice to what Creyety can do with just a single stills picture! Crey truly excels in bringing a single image into life using 2.5D parallax animation. You really, no really need to see his work to believe it. A-maz-ing!

No.4 / Bothy Stores
A prefabricated modern cabin designed for simple living.

Bothy Stores creates prefabricated modern cabins designed for simple living in rural or urban environments in varying sizes to suit different needs and built to last a lifetime, using the finest quality materials. I want one! Check out the instagram for more fab imagery.

No.5 / Mark Mann
A rather talented Scottish photographer.

I came across Mark Mann’s work recently listening to a photography podcast which put me onto his work. I’m really glad I listened to the podcast and discovered the talented Mark. I love his close up portraiture work. We’re talking super up, close and personal and none of your usual head and shoulder f5.6 to F11 kind of depth of field. We’re talking pores n’all, we’re talking super narrow depth of field here – eyelash to eyeball F-stop range! Check out his Instagram page for some more incredible work.

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