Five things that got me gingered up this June ’21

Half way through the year and we’re nearly at the last hurdle for the easing of the lockdown restrictions. However the 21st June has now been pushed back four weeks because of those pesky variants still hanging around. Still, it doesn’t stop the eternal creative army fighting the good fight and delivering some incredible work!

With the final hurdle in sight, unless it’s pushed back again, below are this month’s curated selection of Gingerness personified.

No.1 / Simon Berger
Smashing stuff from this incredible glass artist

Hammers at the ready! Who knew you could create such incredible works of art by literally taking a hammer to glass! Astonishing work from Simon Berfer. Not sure the wife would be too happy if I took a hammer to our windows!

No.2 / Ari Fararooy –
Video director

This boy ooooooozes with stop motion parallax wizardry. You need to see his incredible work – mesmerising!

No.3 / Stranger and Stranger
A packaging design and branding company specialising in alcoholic drinks

Stranger and Stranger, sounds like a Bond villain right? This company do incredible packaging and labels for wine, beer, spirit….. One of my dream jobs to design labels for the drinks industry, I’ve done a few beer bottles, maybe it’s about time for some gin and whisky labels. Find out why their work is so good and to use their tag line – DON’T FIT IN, STAND OUT.

No.4 / David Tazzyman
Children’s book illustrator

One of my all time favourite children’s book illustrators, David Tazzyman has two new books out. Cautionary Tales for Children and Grown-Ups – The Pet and You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday

No.5 / Macro Room
Visual art director

Ben Ouaniche, the founder of Macro Room is a magician when it comes to creating stunning, ‘how does he do that’ kind of digital visual special effects. It’s really hard to put into words what he does, but what he does will leave you wanting more and more and more.

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