This is One Minute Whisky!

“Hey, Whatup dram fans, this is One Minute Whisky!”

There’s no better way to start this glorious Friday than a shout out to my cousin Stewart and my favourite Instagram account over the past few weeks – Dram Dabbler.

I love watching the ‘One Minute Whisky’ videos and the descriptive anecdotes he uses to describe each of the whiskies. In just one minute he expertly and eloquently describes the smell and taste characters of a chosen whisky.

I liked it so much I decided to take some of the more characterful descriptive one-liners and animate them into a curated typographic homage to the one-minute wonder.

If you’re in the market for a wee dram or a bottle and not sure what it tastes like then look no further than this straight-up, straight-talking whisky connoisseur.

Some of my favourite one-liners are:
There’s a smell like new plastic boxes, there’s some BBQ meat, a bit of ash and some new tyres, a little touch of nail varnish remover, a faint hint of tar, a hint of creosote, some lemon drizzle…

Go check out the master drammer at work, it’s a great watch and an insight into the complexities and nomenclature of this liquid gold.

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