Freedom Day!

Freedom Day! It sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster, right. Wrong.

It’s just another word, one of many new words and phrases that have emerged through covid-19 that people have used to help cope, deal with, get through and sum up this global pandemic. 

Over the past 16 months, a new vocabulary has emerged. I’ve been curating some of key words and phrases that helped to capture and define the unthinkable!

Doomscrolling, Flatten the curve, Furlough, Lockstalgia, Maskhole, New normal, PPE, Quarantine fatigue, Return to work, Virtual <insert anything>, WFH (Work From Home), You’re on mute, can you see my screen… 

These are just some of the legacy words left behind for us to figure out what just happened?

Prints showing some of my favourite words and phrases are available over at my shop:

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