Punctuation !?&@*”” marks

After creating a set of some commonly used quotation marks as print posters I thought they might be ideal to do a bit of experimental animation with, you know, just a short gif or movie to see what they would look like with the addition of movement.

I chose some of my favourite type marks and fonts for each individual mark. I went with a nice orange colour including tints and opacities to ad overlays and depth to give the letter forms a ’70’s retro look about them.

For the animation part, It was a case of experimenting to see what the best balance was between too few (a bit sparse and boring) or too many (confusing and messy) characters.

I created the original print poster in Adobe InDesign and exported each of the layers as individual jpg files. I then imported the jpg’s into Adobe Photoshop as layers, ready to animate.

Using Timeline in Photoshop it was fairly easy to create the short animations. It was then a case of experimenting with the timing of each layer, the transparency and transitions moving from one layer to the next. The build of each letter upon the previous became quite hypnotic and mesmerising as the animation played through.

I really enjoyed the process of creating the posters and then animating each in turn for something a bit different. It was the first time I created a series of animations and I’m really happy with the end results. Lots learned and lots to improve on but I’m looking forward to my next animation experimentation.

At sign


Question mark

Quotation marks

Exclamation mark


Prints of the punctuation marks can be purchased at The Shortbread Shed.

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