Five things that got me gingered up this June ’22

Pinch punch, it’s the first of the month! Happy June.

It’s been a while!

This was meant to drop in February, but one thing led to another, lethargy, procrastination and the just can’t be bothered syndrome got in the way! 

I managed to pull it together in the end and came to a set of five rather delightful creative gingered up loveliness. 

I hope you like them as much as I do. 

No.1 / Chillout
Some soul searching tunes from
The Chillout Lounge Mix from Tim Angrave

Relax in the Chillout Lounge with emotional soothing music, fused with various other genres in continuous curated DJ mixes.

The Chillout Lounge Mix by Tim Angrave is mainly chillout music but also features a wide variety of genres including ambient, electronic, deep, organic, melodic house and bad ass breaks…

This is currently my goto podcast for some soothing beats for a relaxing walk or background music to work along to.

No.2 / Wine –
Chronic smooth red wine

There’s really nothing chronic about this wine, it’s really rather lovely.

I tried the Chronic Cellars Space Doubt Zinfandel wine at one of my friends birthday’s and thought it was amazing. I’d seen the wine label before in a few shops and often wondered what it would taste like. I absolutely love the look of the wine label with it’s distinctive woodblock illustration. It certainly has standout shelf appeal and that’s how I normally go about choosing my wine, by the label. 

If the wine bottle has an unusual design or illustration on the label then I’m more likely to give it a go I’m so glad I did! Not only is the wine very drinkable, the wine label fantastic, I also love the whole branding Chronic Cellars have gone for. It’s really out there, bold, bright colourful, graphic, playful, fun, edgy, distinctive and memorable. Cheers.

No. 3 / Illustrator – Chris Granillo
Stunning linocut illustrations

So I guess this is as good a time as any to highlight the talented illustrator behind these amazing Chronic Cellars wine labels.

Chronic Cellars believes in wine with character and Luckily, so does self-taught street artist and printmaker, Chris Granillo. He has such a distinctive and uniquily individual graphic style. I really like how he creates his illustrations by hand using a linocut technique which provides his distinctive style. 

No. 4 / Font – Swung Note
Yeah baby, a fun, quirky font by Pintassilgo Prints

Swung Note is a quirky and dynamic font created by the incredible type foundry, Pintassilgo Prints. It’s packed with more than three hundred smart interlocking pairs and I’ts a playful and fun to font to experiment with.

No. 5 / You Can’t Let an Elephant Drive a Racing Car
David Tazzyman’s at it again with some more illustrative greatness.

Another fabulous Children’s illustrated book from one of my favourite illustrators – David Tazzyman. The way he seems to effortlessly create animals, humans and all objects with just a few simple minimal strokes bringing them to life is just incredible. I wish my basic illustrative skills were as loose and as characterful as David’s.

Right, that’s all for this gingerness. I’ll hopefully be back with another five creative greatness next month, or may be the next or perhaps the month after that…

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