A Cinemagraph is an image that combines still photography with video to create a picture that contains a small subtle moving element while the rest is frozen. The motion plays in a short, continuous loop, highlighting the subdued movement.

I’ve created a few Cinemagraph’s over the years and have just recently gotten back into producing them again. They’re great fun to make, however they do take planning, a fair bit of rehearsal and retakes to get the desired effect.

Key things to consider before making a Cinemagraph are:
1. Use a tripod for the camera (an absolute must)
2. Have a creative idea in mind before creating the video for a Cinemagraph
3. A digital camera that can take high quality video
4. Flixel Cinemagraph Pro to edit your video in and create the Cinemagraph

5. Make sure to include a few seconds of video before and after the shot so you have some wiggle room either side of the clip you can edit with

Below are a few examples of Cinemagraph’s I’ve created and I’m really looking forward to more experimenting in this media over the coming months. They’re by no means perfect but it’s a good foundation to build off and the experience I’ve learned along the way has been invaluable.

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