British Life Photography Awards

Back in September this year I entered and submitted some pictures into the British Life Photography Awards (BLPA) competition. I was delighted to receive word back that two of my entries had made it as far as the Shortlist under the Urban Life picture category. The British Life Photography Awards is a showcase of contemporary and imaginative… Continue reading British Life Photography Awards

Mud, sweat, bog and trekking 26.2 miles of stunning Scottish scenery in under 12 hours!

Trekking 26.2 miles through some of the most stunning and dramatic landscapes in Scotland, all the way from Glencoe to the foot of the mighty Big Yin himself – Ben Nevis.

Watch out for Flying haggis and cabers!

It was a spectacular day for this years Highland Gathering in Harpenden. The sun was out and it was hot, really hot! All those that were wearing kilts must have been feeling the heat in more ways that one. As usual the Harpen Lions Club put on a spectacular show.

Swim it, Ride it, Run it, Snap it!

Once all the competitors had leapt from the pontoon piercing the tranquil waters directly in front of them, the calmness was shattered! There was a mass of bubbling frenzied white water that appeared a couple of feet in front of the swimmers like a mini tsunami.